Black Desert covers dark atmosphere of Halloween events

In addition to covering the city in the game with spooky images and horror, the Black Desert also gives players a series of new features in the updated Big Update celebrate the upcoming Halloween unblocked gaming

Specifically, the events of Black Desert Halloween was officially launched on the entire server from yesterday 26/10 and will last until 9/11.

Come to the carnival this year, the Black Desert gaming community will receive tremendous changes like changing the whole game interface. The largest city in the Black Desert will be filled with all kinds of colorful Halloween decoration unique and innovative game that brings the work friv online.

About the event Halloween

Besides, the game also added remarkable system updates Halloween themed pages and new features. The most notable of which was the feature horse racing. For a game that brings high authenticity as Black Desert, the migration between locations is fully manual actions and the war horse is the perfect transportation of players unblocked games at school.

Participation Race features not only an opportunity for gamers to show off the power of the favorite steed, but also a great opportunity to get more rewards from NPH very attractive for each time winner

Introduction Features and System Horse Racing Halloween costumes

Black Desert is RPG blockbuster 3D graphics have been developed by Pearl Abyss studio and publisher Daum Communications. In the game world is divided into two completely different countries together: Calpheon republic and the kingdom of Valencia. The game was first introduced in 2010 and launched the first beta version Korea at home in 2014 unblocked 2 games.


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