Foreign Tale Princess Rings officially launched on October 27/10 gamers

Title RPG browser game set in the Lord of the Rings Hope publisher will officially launch at 9:00 am on gamers 27/10 with a series of exciting activities are waiting for players to explore.

According to the announcement of the release of Hope, 24/10 9:00 am correct, the first server of the Lord of the Rings Foreign Stories will open to players around the country to experience. With a large fan of the brand’s Lord of the Rings, NPH game would have had the perfect preparation to avoid cleaning status, lag, often find difficult to log every time a hot game launches.

Ma Long Chi original name Gender, Lord of the Rings story is webgame Foreign ownership immersive 3D graphics by shijiu operation in the Chinese market. In the course of the Alpha Test experience, in the judgment of many gamers, the game has beautiful graphics simulation style MU Online – Korea, support the camera 360 degrees of freedom to increase the visual experience , optimize combat system with full aesthetic effect of fine crystal, bringing players to explore a mythical world European style unique and mystical friv games.

Starting the game players need to choose for themselves one of three character classes include Warrior (range for use), Magus (use scepter) and Supply Craft (providing practical use). In particular emphasis Soldiers the ability to control and combat targets single, Master possesses the ability to control tempo on the battlefield numerous, separate Gunner with a penchant for quickly charging the skills of highly violent damage discovered the toxic effects closely ABCya 5.


Compared to the Alpha Test version each player more interested in finding out in the previous period, the official version was completed editing the shortcomings so that players can experience the most perfect in the first day. Besides the familiar memories of two of Lord of the Rings movies are recreated through the scenery and NPCs, halo year even more brilliant with the graphics technology advances that humanity has achieved after nearly 10 male. Detailed character design, vibrant colors, bright. Beautiful skill effects, strong and flexible, sharper than the original quickly conquered the hearts of players friv online.

But only with beautiful graphics, impressive sound forbearance God had enough help to avoid the label of Foreign Stories “man eating away” as the title previously encountered when trying to take advantage of the reputation of the film or not? To answer this question let’s players probably draw their answers to personally experience the product on launch day Unblocked.


Still very early to draw any conclusions, but with what God is showing forbearance Foreign Stories, we fully trust preliminary basis for the success of this immersive 3D products. Especially in the context of the cards, turn-based combat role are flooding the market make players tired. Let’s once again put their faith in the Lord Rings Foreign Stories to feel a quality game unblocked games at school.


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