Fractured Space Experience – Super MOBA set in the extremely hot space

Recently, Fractured Space was officially open for free on Steam to welcome community participation experienced gamers friv games

Fractured Space was confirmed to be a MOBA genre game, but instead of falling into the Heroes (Heroes) in the flesh, the player is given control of the giant starship combat maneuver in space immense.
Graphics peak

For a game built on a large space is almost an open world, the graphic elements sometimes become factors attracted more players gameplay. Fractured Space had initial success in creating a universe “MOBA” a true and full details of the elements of light, color, terrain Unblocked craft

36.pngMap of the game are separated by huge meteorites ranges and this is almost the terrain system mostly appear in the game. Not too hard to understand when the players will appreciate the graphic elements of the game as soon as he felt the first impression of the array “wallpaper” This, and the NSX brought a pretty good impression with countless design the details of the shape, the size difference between the asteroid until the dent or geological evidence on the surface of the asteroid unblocked games at school.


Besides, the giant airship in the game is also a pride that the development team of Fractured Images Space brings. Be aware that this fight spaceships are not the weapon is personal, but each of them are the majestic, huge and bulky like a fortress hovering between spaces.


Each giant spaceship with complex structures, diverse features and a massive weapons systems are game makers can not recreate a more perfect way. In addition, interoperability between visual elements and gameplay is also clearly reflected. When all the players to focus on a target weapons, we will easily recognize the shift of each individual gun emplacements small until the electric impulse cannon-sized, locate the target speed completely coincides with the weight of the weapon as well as direction of travel far or near ABCya.
Gameplay surreal

Of course, no one can witness the battle in space to assess the reality of a war game universe, but factors “realistic” that brings Fractured Space here lies in the operation of the ship that brought massive.


If in the MOBA game, each character will be sharing different roles and are a characteristic of his skills are in Fractured Space, the spacecraft in the game category is also divided into strains like Hunter, Flagship, Assassin, Sniper or Brawler and is equipped with a weapons system is extremely diverse, and the skill that players use will totally depend on the weapon they used for aircraft his boat Unblocked School.


But the world is set to open, but most of Fractured Space PvP battlefields are quite clearly separated into different areas separated by barrier strips meteorite is similar to the Lane in Dota 2 or LMHT. Each player not only has the task of commanding the ships themselves, but also a team dominates both spacecraft “minions cum Creep” with the task of defending their territories and counterattack to destroy the enemy base .


The only downside of Fractured Space style of play is probably quite monotonous gameplay in the game currently only gives players a unique PvP mode Unblocked.

Fractured Space gives players a total of 31 warships of all kinds, and the player will start the game with 3 free starship battle. Gamers will experience the battle to accumulate the resources and use them to “buy” the new type of spacecraft. The value of each ship ranged from 100,000 to 900,000 ingame money, a moderate figure that players can accumulate over at least several dozen battles.


The game also brings a familiar feature for the game-style war materiel, which is a feature crew. Based on the special ability that every crew member possesses, players can add the index points to hidden their spacecraft such as borders of 1000 points, down 10% of the time the loader arms …

In general, if you’ve ever experienced, and infatuation with the confrontation though not dramatic, intense and bold but balanced brain in World of Tanks and World of Warships, the Fractured Space is definitely a name you can not be ignored.

Fractured Space Gameplay

The game was released for free on Steam since late last September.


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