Thien Du suddenly left the time of launch the international version

NPH International version of Thien Du surprise Online recently announced rescheduled launch closed beta version of this game right at the last minute …

As far as such information is brought before it on Tuesday 25/10, the international version of Thien Du (Revelation Online English name is) will officially enter Closed Beta and lasts until the end of the day 8/11. However, only shortly before the opening shortly, game portal unexpectedly announced rescheduled launch of the game to date to 3/11.


This information led to the gaming community utmost surprise and annoyance by postponement announcement was made less than just a few hours before the official release schedule. And to appease the public opinion recently, also confirmed to have the specific compensation for their players unblocked 2 games.

Specifically, for those players who have extended copyright VIP packages for the period from 25/10 to 8/11, due to take 9 days to experience this game should NPH plus 9 days VIP account of each player after the game officially opened.


In addition, all players who have purchased packages are Founder Pack will receive a Closed Beta Key and Key codes can also use in the 2nd Closed Beta will soon be expected to launch later this year.

For those who do not know God Yuhua is a game genre stunning 3D MMORPG developed by NetEase, first launched at the G-Star 2013 in Korea, and has really become a phenomenon at ChinaJoy year 2015 now.

Revelation Online

The game uses cloud technology and a number of other advanced techniques, creating a vast world, giving players a completely new experience in gaming. Thien Du is widely considered to be a perfect blending between Aion and Blade & Soul.


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