CFEL raid kicks off in 2016, all players can participate

The tournament was named the World Cup will take place Punching size of the national qualifiers from this weekend, any team regardless of qualifications can try.

Soon caught the attention of the gaming community thanks prizes worth 3 times compared to 2015, reaching nearly 16 billion in 2016 as the league CFS Suddenly the world’s largest size this year. And with the organizational model similar national qualifiers with VEC in previous years, this tournament gives all national teams participating, irrespective Amateur or Professional ABCya.

CFS is always the most spectacular tournament of Punching Size
The team will need to gather about 21 provinces, corresponding to 21 Alliance Punching size across the country. Teams winning finalists will continue playing Provincial Final round South and greater then.

Notably 8 Professional team of Sudden Click on the “payroll” of the CFEL will be promoted to a Regional Final. 8 teams participated with deliberate Finalists will be fined heavily Province competing during 1 year. This provision of Sudden Click next to the recognition of qualifications Professional teams also to encourage other league teams won more confident in the provincial tournament

CFS 2016 Qualification Round in Vietnam will take place from next 24/09
Reportedly, the CFS 2016 Qualification Round will “spread the money” on all round. Accordingly team achievement in every finals Province – Regional Finals – Quarter-Final National – National Finalists will receive their respective prizes including cash and Vcoin card. CFS Team Championship 2016 Qualification Round will become representative of Vietnam to join the World Finals

The Vietnam team has never stepped up to the highest grade of CFS
As one of the tournament’s biggest e-sports world, CFS 2016 takes place on 11 countries / territories released Punching size. These years, China has always been a champion of this tournament and regularly makes Vietnam team to harbor a grudge Suddenly Size Vietnamese community, so there are high hopes in the tournament this year when the national tournament team will help find the best, most deserving “bring bells to go fight the other countries.”


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