Sand-box RPGs unique SamuTale officially put into trial

As we’ve reported before, titles SamuTale has officially entered the testing phase in mid-September closed recently after a long time developing …

This is the latest achievement in more than 4 years of development of the Maple Media production team. Reportedly, this is not an extended version Test but a closed beta for some object which NSX certain players choice, and of course the players have a positive contribution the product manufacturing process

In this version, the NSX will spend a certain number of incentives for those gamers have supported moves in the game development process, however, the key code used to unlock the test accounts will still be found free and opportunity to other players is equally owned them

SamuTale style developed massively multiplayer online role-players. Step into the world of gaming, representative character of the players will participate in a world that is based on oriental context feudal period.
SamuTale Gameplay

Here, gamers will start the “survival” of his through hunting, gathering and logging and mining. With assets accumulated, players will start to build up their own roofs. And from the private roof that continues to develop into the advanced social communities such as villages, districts, urban, …


It is worth mentioning here is the player himself will not be able to develop themselves into social communities mentioned above, which have teamed up with the other players. During the development process, groups of players will have to jointly implement the collective work such as building infrastructure, forged or farming tools …

Distribution of work assignments and duties in a reasonable manner, the team players will quickly develop their areas and be ready to fight against the invasion from the other players group.


Is a natural game content and enhanced social interactivity, SamuTale but do not own a graphics platform sparkling like most products today, but overall, this is still a very product worth the wait, especially for gamers who prefer open world genre which is so prevalent today.


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